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About Team [V[f]X]
Last Update: June 2002

A group of irregulars from AMA Computer University Fairview usually wander off to Lagro, Quezon City in order to kill some time from their obnoxiously weird hour long in-between breaks of classes. Hanging out at the former ByteMe Computers, this people started to hone up their skills with a developing shoot-them-up game that we came to know now as Counterstrike. Counterstrike back then was of a beta version. And with the development of the said game so does the irregulars' talents and skills.

This people along with the regulars of the former ByteMe Computers had finally become fast friends. And later on, formed a team. They decided not to use the word clan - it somewhat contradicts to the ideals and beliefs of these individuals. Thus, Team [B.M.] was introduced.

[B.M.] become somewhat of a popular figure at Lagro by that time. Actively participating on local tournaments and such within the vicinity or any side-bets involved. Win or lose - it was nothing. [B.M.] was out there just for fun. And for experience. Nothing more, nothing less.

Until then a new arrival came and set foot at the grounds of ByteMe Computers and changed the momentum of [B.M.].

Everyone back then will recall the sudden appearance of an individual named Danilo Acosta Jr. - a student from AMACU Fairview -  who called himself as Machete. With his unorthodox skills of somewhat being right beside you and kills you with the knife or shoots you in the head without you knowing of it - until all's too late - it was enough to earn him the respect that he should have.

Problem is, he can't use any other guns except of a Desert Eagle and a HK-MP5 Navy.

Machete was later absorbed by the [B.M.] - becoming part of the family. Trading tactics, strengths and weaknesses the team improved on a larger scale. And their reputation would eventually slide into shifters - popping out from everywhere - the new trademark of [B.M.] - thanks to Machete.

With the improvement of [B.M.], Machete suggested that they should change their team tag - something that would fit to their description - somewhat of becoming virtually impossible to be dealt with - causing a lot of catatonic side effects to their opponents.

With that - at the last weeks of May 2000 - Team Virtual FX - [VFX] was born.

As another year would pass by - the team wound down as a legend. Sliding to as a mere  myth. With their disappearance from ByteMe Computers - the team had passed on and held its peace. Each of the team members parted in search of different paths and were later absorbed by other teams. Majority of the members of the [VFX] were absorbed by a team known as Team Alagadnichien - [ANC], headquartered at Click Computers beside AMACU Fairview.

One member of the [VFX] who were with the rest who were absorbed by the [ANC] called it quits and decided to retire and look for new grounds. Exhausted from commuting to and fro to just to play. He decided to look for something new and easier way to play CS to his comforts. Just to have fun. As it was the signature of a VFXer.

He would later learn that he can play Counterstrike by using a special ISP card dedicated for online gaming and it was the powered by Mindgate Systems, Inc.

This individual named Aryeh Medina who was a former [VFX]'er known as Hitokiri Takemiya later known and recognized by the [ANC] as
[ w i n g  z e r o ]
was somewhat surprised with a totally new atmosphere that was brought out by the online gaming - causing him to engage himself back to his CS career once more. Just for old times sake.

Having meet up with some other individuals who were regularly playing online at the server it was quite fun. Until a local player - friend of [ w i n g  z e r o ] - suggested that someone should make a new clan - a team - just for the fun of it.

Smiling to himself, remembering the old days of the [VFX] - [ w i n g  z e r o ] re-assembled the [VFX] with the new look  - formed at the first weeks of February 2002 - in one plain goal - just for fun.

Thus, [V[f]X] was reborned.