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The Bug of CS 1.5 - How to Fix it
by [V[f]X]Aryeh Medina (retired)

"...Putang ina naman o! Bakit ayaw mag-buy?!? Pinipindot ko naman F1 a!"

"Tang ina! Bakit wala kong vest!... Eh? Ano 'tong lumalabas na 'to!?!"

Yes ladies and gentlemen, those were some of the screams of people who had just downloaded CS 1.5 and tried to play it and got their faces bristling with anger and remorse cursing their moms and dads for not able to use their own customized buttons mainly the F1 and F2 buttons for their buy weapons and buyammo1 respectively.

Well, Valve made another stupid bug. Here's their explanation...

'...The new demoplayer is in this patch. No word if this is a test version or what, but type in viewdemo [demoname] and then press F2.'

------CS 1.5 Released
rizzuh @ 06:35 on 6/13/02 - cstrike pc

Ah. Come to think of it. You can actually record your game while playing and get to see it played back right in front of your face. Wow. That's cool. Anyway, since you know what's with the so-called bug let's fix and try to have some fun with CS 1.5 - shall we?

'...On that note, to make F1 and F2 rebindable go to your Half-Life or CS retail directory, open the valve subdirectory, and then the cl_dlls subdir. Rename the GameUI.dll to something else, like GameUI.bak (so it's easy to remember). These keys will be used for Tracker and the Viewdemo command in future versions.'

------CS 1.5 Released
rizzuh @ 06:35 on 6/13/02 - cstrike pc

Well, that's about it. Let's get it on boys and girls! ^_^