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| jun.03.2003 |

updated the CS NO-WON server list. You may check it on the archives section - stuff area.

| may.01.2003 |

uploaded iS 3000's picture at the pics section of the members area.

| apr.22.2003 |

re-arranged the contents of the archives area (some were transferred at the stuff area while the rest remained at the f4d area). plus added a mp3 for download (found at the f4d section). uploaded neoro's pic at the pics section of the members area.

| apr.21.2003 |

updated Team [V[f]X] Philippines Leader Jam Kuradoberi (retired)'s picture.

| apr.20.2003 |

Tean [V[f]X] Philippines has one new member, o==[DagGer> .

| apr.13.2003 |

Tean [V[f]X] Philippines has one new member, supremo.

| apr.12.2003 |

Team [V[f]X] Malaysia has one new member, =_=[M3RC1L3$$]=_=.

| apr.11.2003 |

Team [V[f]X] Philppines has one new member, Angel_CaL. also, added the pics of Team [V[f]X] Philippines member ArJaY_CyBeR and Medina Aryeh (retired). currently, ArJaY_CyBeR is currently at the US working as a certified nurse assistant (CNA) - let's wish him the best of fate and strong health to achieve his ultimate goal of becoming successful.

| apr.09.2003 |

Team [V[f]X] Hong Kong/China has a new member, SPAWN. on the other hand, Team [V[f]X] Malaysia has a new member, iS 3000. wehpage udate news mailbot system has been reactivated upon Team [V[f]X} Philippines member Sn][per's request.

| mar.20.2003 |

Team [V[f]X] Philippines has two new members. In^Zane and Det. on the other hand, Team [V[f]X] Malaysia has been established under the control of oo00 NeOrO 00oo. news section has been removed and was replaced with a link going to's Stat/News page.

| feb.04.2003 |

added new articles at the archives page - news section. made a member list update.

| jan.4.2003 |

happy new year! as you can see, with the arrival of the new year - the site has finally updated. but a lot of policies will be implemented now. the site will update its contents every month instead of weekly - its time consuming for the webmaster - and that the webmaster is excited to graduate in college. two trisems na lang - promise.